Basic information


1)Softness like clay
  ・High flexibility in shape
  ・Available in 3-dimensional space

2)Excellent handling and reworkability by low stickiness
  ・Lower stickiness than conventional thermal grease

3)Electrical insulation characteristics
  ・Available for electronic parts

4)”Siloxane-reduced type” contains low-molecular siloxane
  ・The content of low-molecular siloxane is
   less than 50ppm(measured value)

Comparison with heat conduction sheet

Evaluation method: Measure a temperature of an amplifier IC and a 3-terminal regulator, a heat generator.

Compare the temperature rise suppression effect of a heat conduction sheet (about 5 W/m K) with "Thermally Conductive Compound like Clay" (2.8 W/m K).


Test results: "Thermally Conductive Compound like Clay" has better heat conduction efficiency than a heat conduction sheet of about 5 W/m K. (Based on in-house evaluation)


Comparison of temperature rise suppression using thermally conductive materials (image)


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Notes on Handling Products

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●Not for resale overseas.

●Do not use on medical devices that are implanted into human or animal bodies or come into contact with body fluids or living tissues.

●Do not put this product in your mouth or swallow it as it is not food.

●A very small amount of silicone oil in the product may bleed, so use it where there is no problem.

●Dispose of the product in accordance with national and local laws and regulations.

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